Let us show you what tools we use to solve your
engineering needs.

01 | Cost Management

In the typical EPCM business model of project execution, a lead engineer is assigned to a project and then whoever else is available is assigned to staff the project.  The mix is variable, and tends to skew to higher cost individuals during downturns.

At PVP Engineering we follow a different model.  Each senior engineer is expected to support a group of intermediate and junior engineers; we always operate in a multi-seniority team.  The allocations are modified based on project requirements, but the general principle is maintained.  This allows us to provide continual mentoring to our staff, while at the same time providing a consistent blended rate to the client and ensuring quality, project after project.

02 | Efficient Scheduling

PVP Engineering has made a significant investment in resource management infrastructure, allowing us to provide real-time projections of manpower availability vs. project demands, on a company wide basis.  This allows us to predict bottlenecks and shift manpower in a timely manner to support project schedules. Historically, this has allowed us to manage projects’ peak manpower requirements.

Through our advanced scheduling software we are able to manage individual workloads company-wide. Our projected completion dates are driven by resource availability and changes to the project scope, rather that static project dates, all updated on a real-time basis.

Projects are given secure, project specific websites enabling real-time client monitoring and collaboration on outstanding work, resource allocation, and projected completion dates.

03 | Quality Control

To provide a consistent quality product in engineering consulting, two things are required:  procedure and competence.  This is difficult to codify in quality manuals, rather it is a combination of ability, training, and experience.  Too many companies focus on the procedure, and do not sufficiently measure capability. In addition to this, we ensure that all staff receive proper industry training, so your project is always handled by knowledgeable staff.

In addition to our Quality assurance procedures, all stamped and permitted deliverables are checked by a Principal Engineer competent in the area of practice represented.  We don’t do it any other way.

04 | Expertise

Unlike some of our competitors, we do not rely on a single individual for technical depth; we currently have 3 Principal Engineers and intend to add to that roster as we find exceptional senior engineers.

All Senior engineers have a minimum of 15 years’ experience with recent management experience as leads on megaprojects ($1 BB, or more)

All have P. Eng certification and solid technical credentials

Over a third of PVP’s core engineers possess graduate degrees, many of whom have developed themselves into specialists in a variety of areas from finite element analysis of piping and supports to complex transient analysis of piping and pumping systems.