Work with us.

01 | Work environment

Not only will you have access to the latest in pipe engineering and analysis software but you have full access to the entire PVP Engineering team.  We pride ourselves on being able to collaborate on a moment’s notice to further increase our efficiency; which means no office doors to hide behind or keep people out.  It is our feeling that collaboration is one of the best forms of training.

We have invested a great deal in ensuring we have the computing infrastructure to tackle even the most complex multi-body stress and finite element analysis tasks.  With our virtual desktops, we have given our engineers the ability to grab as much computing power as they require to complete their analysis as fast as possible.   Our network setup allows us the versatility to access all of our software and files from any internet connection.

PVP Engineering operates on a work hard, play hard attitude.  We expect the very best from everyone in our organization, not only in work quality but in the organization and consistency of that work.  This commitment does not go unnoticed!

If you have given us more time than is normally warranted to ensure that we were able to meet our deadlines and client expectations, you will be rewarded.  Hitting milestones in your career are also rewarded and normally with the presence of the entire team.   

Don’t join us just for the job, join us to be part of the team!

02 | Career Development

Make your time at work, work for you!

What do we mean?  PVP Engineering has developed our own internal training programs that include over 300 hours of on-the-job and formal training in your first 3-years with us.  Mentoring, internal training, outside courses, industry participation and site visits are all part of our training programs.  It is our goal to develop a core group of engineers that excel within our market.  This helps the team members to try and realize the true potential of these strengths and gives them the confidence to learn and develop the other skills that PVP Engineering needs for them to be part of advancing not only themselves but the company.

With our ability to access our software and files from anywhere connected to the internet, we often have members of our team working directly with our clients at their offices.  This has been one of the best training tools for many of our members as you learn first-hand what is needed to satisfy their needs, without having to make many assumptions. The client also has clear expectations because we have been working side-by-side throughout the project.  Each of our team members are encouraged to have clear, documented communication with our clients to ensure that all parties are confident that everyone is on the same page and achieving the project goals in the most efficient manner possible.